Mick Mars Guitars & Rig Setup

Mick Mars 1986 - Kramer guitar

Mick Mars of legendary rock band Motely Crue has a vast number of guitars. “I have about 100 guitars. I like to have a lot of different things to play around with”, Mick once was interviewed in saying. Hundreds of guitars have passed through his hands in the ’80s alone, from the trusty black 1972 Les Paul Custom that he used to record the band’s early albums to various Kramers, Charvels and Hamers in every imaginable shape.

Axes Mick has wielded in the past:
• 1962 Fender Stratocaster
• 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom
• Kramer Tele Custom
• Kramer Baretta Special
• B.C. Rich Warlock
• PRS CE-22
• Gibson Flying V
• 1964 Gretsch G6120TM
• 1951 Fender Esquire
• Gibson Chet Atkins SST 12-string

Mick Mars Rig Diagram from 1995
Mick Mars Guitar Rig diagram