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Jackyl is an American rock band formed in 1991. Their sound has also been described as heavy metal and Southern metal. Their self titled debut album has sold more than a million copies in the United States with hit singles like “Down on Me” and “When Will it Rain”. The band is best known for the song “The Lumberjack”, which features a chainsaw solo by lead singer Jesse James Dupree… (from Wikipedia)
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Jesse James Dupree, vocals
Jimmy Stiff, guitars
Jeff Worley, guitars
Thomas Bettini, bass
Chris Worley, drums

hair albums

Jackyl (1992)
Push Comes to Shove (1994)

post-hair albums

Cut the Crap (1997)
Stayin’ Alive (1998)
Choice Cuts- The Best Of (1998)
Relentless (2002)
Live at the Full Throttle Saloon (2004)
When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide (2010)
Best in Show (2012)
Rowyco (2016)