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Autograph originally began in late 1983, as a solo project for singer, songwriter and guitarist Steve Plunkett, who had recently left the band Silver Condor. Plunkett was playing and recording his own material with a group of his musician friends, most of whom had previously played with him in other bands.

On lead guitar was Steve Lynch, who had played with Plunkett in the band Looker. On Bass was Randy Rand who knew Plunkett from their days in Pasadena, California’s club band Wolfgang, that has been described as a local legend of which Kevin Dubrow, lead singer of Quiet Riot once said, “They smoked us all… they got a better response than us and Van Halen”. Playing keyboards, Steven Isham, who had also played with mutual acquaintance Holly Penfield, was brought in to give the band a more modern sound. On drums was earlier bandmate, Keni Richards, who Plunkett knew from John Doe, rounding out the band’s lineup, with Richards’ friendship of Van Halen lead singer, David Lee Roth being instrumental in leading to Autograph’s big break the following year… (from Wikipedia)
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hair band members

Steve Plunkett, lead vocals / rhythm guitar
Steve Lynch, lead guitar
Randy Rand, bass
Steven Isham, keyboards
Keni Richards, drums

hair albums

Sign In Please (1984)
That’s the Stuff (1985)
Loud And Clear (1987)

post-hair albums

Missing Pieces (1997)
Buzz (2003)
The Anthology (2011)
Louder (2016)
Get Off Your Ass (2017)