Kik Tracee

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Kik Tracee was formed in a Los Angeles suburb in 1988 by guitarists Gregory “Hex” Offers and Michael Marquis, bassist Rob Grad, and drummer Scott Donnell. The four had played the Los Angeles club scene from the age of 16. Singer Stephen Shareaux hailed from Minneapolis, MN, and joined the group that would become Kik Tracee. Drummer Johnny Douglas replaced Donnell during recording of the first album, citing creative differences with producer Dana Strum. The band was sometimes accused of being a clone of Guns N’ Roses. Others argue that the band’s complexity and depth placed them on a higher level than the average L.A. rock band.[2] Despite such accolades, Kik Tracee were one of many third-wave glam metal bands in the early 1990s swept out of commercial visibility due to the popularity of the alternative music scene… (from Wikipedia)
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hair band members

Stephen Shareaux, lead vocals
Gregory “Hex” Offers, rhythm guitar
Michael Marquis, lead guitar
Rob Grad, bass
Scott Donnell, drums

hair albums

No Rules (1991)
Field Trip EP (1992)

post-hair albums

Big Western Sky (2017)

live shows