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Danger Danger was formed in 1987 by former Hotshot members lead vocalist Mike Pont, bassist Bruno Ravel, and drummer Steve West. This line-up also featured then future Hotshot guitarist Al Pitrelli and former Get With It keyboardist Kasey Smith. Mike Pont later left the band and was replaced by Ted Poley, who previously played in the band Prophet as drummer, and sometimes lead vocalist. Somewhere during this time, they made an attempt at recording a demo, but failed.

They made another attempt at recording a demo, and this time it landed them a recording contract with Epic Records. In 1988, Pitrelli left Danger Danger. Shortly after, Pont and Pitrelli reunited to form a new line-up of Hotshot…

…In 1989, Saraya guitarist Tony “Bruno” Rey joined briefly and played on part of their debut album, before returning to his previous band. Andy Timmons replaced him and played on the rest of their debut album, which was released in the same year… (from Wikipedia)
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hair photos

hair band members

Ted Poley, lead vocals
Andy Timmons, guitar
Bruno Ravel, bass
Kasey Smith, keyboards
Steve West, drums

hair albums

Danger Danger (1989)
Down and Dirty Live EP (1990)
Screw It! (1991)

post-hair albums

Dawn (1995)
Four the Hard Way (1997)
The Return of the Great Gildersleeves (2000)
Cockroach (2001)
Rare Cuts (2003)
Live and Nude(2005)
Revolve (2009)

live shows

Live in Japan 1990

Live in Japan 1992