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Thunder are an English hard rock band from London. Formed in 1989, the group was founded by former Terraplane members Danny Bowes (lead vocals), Luke Morley (guitar, backing vocals) and Gary “Harry” James (drums), along with second guitarist and keyboardist Ben Matthews and bassist Mark “Snake” Luckhurst. Originally signed to EMI Records in the UK, the band released their debut album Backstreet Symphony in 1990, which reached number 21 on the UK Albums Chart and number 114 on the US Billboard 200… (from Wikipedia)
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hair photos

hair band members

Danny Bowes. vocals
Luke Morley, guitar
Ben Matthews, guitar
Mark “Snake” Luckhurst, bass
Gary “Harry” James, drums

hair albums

Backstreet Symphony (1990)
Laughing on Judgement Day (1992)

post-hair albums

Their Finest Hour (and a Bit) (1995)
Behind Closed Doors (1995)
The Thrill of It All (1996)
Giving the Game Away (1999)
The Rare, the Raw and the Best (1999)
They Think It’s All Over… It Is Now (2000)
Shooting at the Sun (2003)
Live At Donington 1990 & 1992 (2003)
The Magnificent Seventh! (2005)
Robert Johnson’s Tombstone (2006)
Bang! (2008)
Wonder Days (2015)
The Best of Thunder 1989-1995 (2015)
Rip It Up (2017)
Please Remain Seated (2019)
All the Right Noises (2021)

live shows

Backstreet Symphony – Live at Donington 1990