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Nelson is an American rock band founded by singer/songwriters Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, twin sons of Ricky Nelson and Kristin Nelson… After a year of meeting with Kalodner without being signed, Matthew and Gunnar met with him, against the wishes of their managers, and played an acoustic version of “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection”. Kalodner was impressed and the band was signed the next day.

As the Nelsons prepared to go into the studio, they started assembling a band. They met drummer Bobby Rock at the MTV Music Awards, when he was still with Vinnie Vincent Invasion, and kept in touch. After that band broke up, Nelson asked him to join their band. Joey Cathcart had played guitar with the brothers in high school so they decided to approach him. They were introduced to guitarist Brett Garsed by their manager in Australia. Finally, they contacted Paul Mirkovich, who had worked with them during the demo sessions for the album.

The full band headed to the studio where they worked with Marc Tanner. According to the Nelsons, John Kalodner “basically let us do our own thing”. After the Rain was released on June 26, 1990, and became an instant success… (from Wikipedia)
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hair band members

Matthew Nelson, lead vocals, bass
Gunnar Nelson, lead vocals, guitars
Brett Garsed, lead guitars
Joey Cathcart, rhythm guitar
Paul Mirkovich, keyboards
Bobby Rock, drums

hair albums

After the Rain (1990) – (Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection #1, After the Rain #6, More Than Ever #14, Only Time Will Tell #28

post-hair albums

Because They Can (1995)
Imaginator (1996; recorded 1992)
The Silence Is Broken (1997)
Life (1999)
Lightning Strikes Twice (2010)
Peace Out (2015)