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hair story

In 1982, Erlend Antonsen and Terje Storli played at local clubs in and around Trondheim. In need of a guitarist they called on Torstein Flakne, who by then had finished playing in The Kids (a popular teeny-band in Norway 1980-82). Throughout the summer and fall of 1982 the newly formed band started rehearsing and playing shows in the region. The trio took the name Stage Dolls in January 1983. The first album, titled Soldier’s Gun, was released in late 1985, after a successful nationwide tour in Norway supporting the Norwegian band TNT… (from Wikipedia)
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hair photos

hair band members

Torstein Flakne, vocals/guitar
Terje Storli, bass
Steinar Krokstad, drums

hair albums

Soldier’s Gun (1985)
Commandos (1986)
Stage Dolls (1988)
Stripped (1991)

post-hair albums

Stories We Could Tell (1993)
Dig (1997)
Good Times – The Essential Stage Dolls (2002)
Get a Life (2004)
Always (2010)

live shows

Live In Oslo 1990