KISS McFarlane Ultra Action Figures

McFarlane KISS Ultra Action Figures

KISS has always been associated with comics and merchandising. The 1997 McFarlane KISS Ultra Action figures are one of the coolest KISS figure sets you’ll find. Each figure is 7 inch tall, and includes battle ready accessories. Each box also contains one of the letters […]

Best Hair Metal Guitars

When it comes the world of heavy metal, guitarists tend to like their guitars to have a certain level of flair and flash, along with a few personal touches that affect their tone. In the 80s, colorful and custom paint jobs were the norm as […]

Where to Buy Motley Crue Vintage Concert T-Shirts?

Vintage concert tees are badass! It’s not unusual to see A-list celebs sport a t-shirt with a Motley Crue logo. What was cool yesterday is cool again today. If you still have these classic shirts, you’re in luck. They are selling for Gucci prices on […]