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Tangier was a Philadelphia-based hard rock band formed in 1984 by songwriter and guitarist Doug Gordon, and grew up in the clubs with bands such as Cinderella, who helped the group by having Tangier open for them on their second major tour.

Tangier’s first, independent self-titled debut album, comprised Bill Mattson (vocals), Doug Gordon (guitar, songwriter), Rocco Mazzella (guitar, songwriter), Mike Kost (bass) and Mark Hopkins (drums). After minor local success, Gordon decided to disband Tangier, and start fresh. He wrote new material and put together a new version of Tangier, utilizing only Mattson and Adam F Ferraioli from the previous lineup… (from Wikipedia)
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Bill Mattson, vocals
Doug Gordon, guitars
Garry Nutt, bass
Bobby Bender, drums

other hair band members
Mike LeCompt, vocals 1991-1992

hair albums

Tangier (1985)
Four Winds (1989)
Stranded (1991)