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Gorky Park is a Russian band that gained mainstream popularity in the United States during Perestroika. Gorky Park is famous for its kitsch use of western stereotypes of Russians, such as pseudo-traditional clothing, balalaika-like guitar design and the hammer and sickle as their logo. It was the first Russian band to be aired on MTV.

In 1987, guitarist Alexey Belov, vocalist Nikolay Noskov (both from Moskva band), bassist Alexander “Big Sasha” Minkov, guitarist Yan Yanenkov, and drummer Alexander Lvov (formerly from Aria) came together to form Gorky Park. Stas Namin, a famous 1970s Soviet musician, became the band’s manager. Because Mikhail Gorbachev lifted the censorship, many underground rock bands, including Gorky Park, became able to gain wider popularity. Later that year the band left Russia for the United States in search of a record deal.

In the U.S. the band soon made some connections in the record business. Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora also helped them to secure a deal with Mercury Records…(from Wikipedia)
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hair band members

Nikolai Noskov, vocals
Alexei Belov, guitars / balalaika / all keyboards
Yan Yanenkov, guitars
Alexander Minkov, bass
Alexander Lvov, drums

hair albums

Gorky Park (1989)
Moscow Calling (1992)

post-hair albums

Stare (1996)
Protivofazza (1998)

live shows

Live at Moscow Music Peace Festival 1989