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Don Dokken’s first band formed in 1976, named Airborn. He played shows at clubs in the Los Angeles area, including the Starwood on Sunset Strip. Airborn included Bobby Blotzer on drums and Juan Croucier on bass, but Blotzer and Croucier left the band in 1978 to form FireFoxx.[10] Don Dokken was unable to keep the Airborn name because another band named Airborn had already acquired a record deal. Bringing in Greg Pecka on drums and Steven R. Barry on bass, Dokken recorded a 7″ single, “Hard Rock Woman” b/w “Broken Heart”, released in 1979 under the band name Dokken, produced by Drake Levin, best known as the guitarist for Paul Revere & the Raiders…

…In early 1981, Don Dokken returned to Germany trying to get a record deal with a new band in tow, guitarist George Lynch and drummer Mick Brown, who had been playing in a band called Xciter at the time, with Croucier remaining on bass. After recording demos with Wagener and with the help of Accept’s manager, Gaby Hauke, a deal was secured with Carrere Records. Recorded between July and September 1981 at Studio Stommeln with Wagener and Dieter Dierks, Breaking the Chains was initially released under the name “Don Dokken” before it was changed to simply Dokken on subsequent pressings… (from Wikipedia)
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Dokken band logo

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Dokken classic logo

hair photos

hair band members

Don Dokken, lead vocals
George Lynch, guitars
Jeff Pilson, bass
Mick Brown, drums

hair albums

Breaking the Chains (1981)
Tooth and Nail (1984)
Under Lock and Key (1985)
Back for the Attack (1987)
Beast from the East (1988)

post-hair albums

The Best of Dokken (1994)
Dysfunctional (1995)
One Live Night (1996)
Shadowlife (1997)
Erase the Slate (1999)
The Very Best of Dokken (1999)
Live from the Sun (2000)
Long Way Home (2002)
Alone Again and Other Hits (2002)
Japan Live ’95 (2003)
Hell to Pay (2004)
From Conception: Live 1981 (2007)
Lightning Strikes Again (2008)
Broken Bones (2012)
The Lost Songs: 1978 – 1981 (2020)

live shows

Live in Philadelphia 11/10/1987 Back For The Attack Tour