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Tuff is an American glam metal band formed in 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, by guitarist Jorge Manos (DeSaint), bassist Todd Chaisson (Chase), and included guitarist David Janssen, drummer Chris Louthan, and vocalist Michael Meyers (Cordet). This incarnation of Tuff was prior to taking on its “Glam” image, and the music was significantly “heavier”… (from Wikipedia)
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hair photos

hair band members

Stevie Rachelle, lead vocals
Jorge DeSaint, guitars
Todd Chase, bass
Michael “Lean” Raimondo, drums

hair albums

What Comes Around Goes Around (1991)

post-hair albums

Fist First (1994)
Religious Fix (1995)
Decade of Disrespect (1996)
Regurgitation (2000)
History of Tuff (2001)
Live in the U.K. (2003)
What Comes Around Goes Around… Again! (2012)
The Glam Years 1985-1989 (2015)

live shows

Live in Omaha, NE 3-12-1991