Nuno Bettencourt Guitars & Rig Setup

Nuno Bettencourt playing Washburn N4 guitar

Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme is a master shredder and one of many people’s favorite guitar players. He has custom Washburn guitars specially designed to his liking.

“It’s quite a stripped down rig. I think too much shit gets in the way. Ninety percent of what you hear me play, there’s nothing going on. Even though it’s going through the effects, it’s on a channel that is dead – no effects.

It really is about the fingers. All of this stuff helps get you through what you want to do, but I learned that lesson a long time ago when I plugged into Eddie Van Halen’s rig.

He asked me to play and I couldn’t wait: ‘Finally, I’m going to sound like one of my biggest influences! I’m using his amp, his guitar, there’s no excuse now.’ I was really disappointed when I plugged in; it sounded just like me. I thought, ‘Aha – that’s where it comes from.’ What a disappointment! The dream was over quickly!”

Axes Nuno has wielded in the past:
• Washburn N2
• Washburn N4
• Washburn N7
• Washburn EA22
• Washburn 12-string

Nuno Guitar Rig
• Boss GT-8 Effects Processor
• Boss OC-2 Octave Pedal
• Boss NS-2 Noise Gate/ TU-3 Tuner
• Randall NB King 100 Signature Amp
• Pro Co RAT