Top 80s Hair Bands One Hit Wonders

If you are a hair band in the 80s and you only had one hit, chances are it was a chart melting power ballad.

Just so we’re clear, when we say one-hit wonder, we really mean it. It means a band only had one hit song or album (Although it’s pretty damn difficult to have an album at the top without a hit song on it. It does happen though, but usually that means the band had a breakthrough in their previous album, which means they had multiple top hits already.) in the Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 chart. So while lesser known bands might make the list, one A-list band also makes the list because, well, technically they only had “one hit”.

Let’s stroll down memory lane and raise your fists to these forgotten gems (on YouTube).

[Band – Song (highest position chart #Number)]

Kix – Don’t Close Your Eyes (#11)

Ratt – Round and Round (#12)

Saigon Kick – Love Is On The Way (#12)

Steelheart – I’ll Never Let You Go (#23)

Faster Pussycat – House of Pain (#28)

L.A. Guns – The Ballad Of Jayne (#33)

Honorable Mentions
So close, but not close enough. We still feel like you should check them out, especially if you’ve never heard of these hair mates.

Danger Danger – Bang, Bang (#49)
Dokken – Alone Again (#64)
Britny Fox – Girlschool (#81)
Tora Tora – Walkin’ Shoes (#86)

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