Top 10 Most Underrated Hair Band Power Ballads

These hair metal power ballads didn’t light up the charts but still embodied everything that a hair band ballad has, soul-wrenching vocals, killer solos and pure love. Let’s look at slow rockers should have been hit songs back in the day.

10. So Savage The Heart, Bablyon A.D.

9. House of Broken Love, Great White

8. Silent Night, Bon Jovi

7. In A Darkened Room, Skid Row

6. The Day I Met You, Lillian Axe

5. Doesn’t Matter, Killer Dwarfs

4. Tear Down The Walls, Kix

3. She’s Gone, Steelheart

2. Midnight Struck, Bang Tango

1. You’re All I Need, Motley Crue