Top 80s Female Hair Bands

80s glam rock was known for stiletto heels, heavy makeup, leopard tights, and big hair. And that’s was just for dudes. Aerosmith’s “Dude, Looks Like a Lady” put it in perspective.

Ironically, while the guys were trying to look as feminine as possible, the girls only played the part of groupies and video-vixens. Guitar solos was still testosterone filled. Women who rocked was viewed as a novelty item in the heavy metal music world so only two female hair bands had commercial success.

1. Lita Ford

Lita Ford will always be the Queen of Metal. She was the lead guitarist for the 70s punk band The Runaways. Upon going solo, she sang hits such as “Kiss Me Deadly” and “Close My Eyes Forever”. Arguably one of the best guitarist of all time, she can shred with the best of them.

2. Vixen

The most successful band with chart success is Vixen. They were the brain child of the late guitarist Jan Kuehnemund. After several lineup changes, they finally scored big hits with their big hair on their debut album with “Cryin'” and “Edge of a Broken Heart”.

Other lesser known female hair metal artists and bands included Saraya, Fiona, Precious Metals, Femme Fatale and Poison Dollys. They all made major label recordings but never really achieved stardom.

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